Koh Chang - Beaches and Attractions

Beach at Koh Chang
With 650 square kilometers, Koh Chang lies 320 kilometers in the southeast from Bangkok. At the two main piers on Koh Chang taxis are waiting to drive to the various beaches and villages of the west coast. These leave when enough passengers are present. Koh Chang has developed a variety of enchanting beaches, some with a lot of Hotels, Resorts and Bungalows, some are still untouched. The seven main beaches of the island, White Sand Beach, Pearl Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach, Bai Lan Beach and Klong Kloi Beach are all located on the west coast. Baan Bang Bao, a popular fishermans village in the south of the undeveloped Wai Chek Beach in the southwest is still mostly "tourist-free" and a visit worth. The unique mangrove forests are fascinating, even the largely impenetrable tropical rain forest, cover for approximately 75% of the total area of Koh Chang and is considered one of the best preserved in Southeast Asia, making the unique charm of this tropical island. 

Activities& Attractions on Koh Chang

The Simple main attraction of the big island are the many beautiful beaches. If you are looking for a little variety, you can rent a motorbike, try the elephant riding, snorkeling or diving. Fishing is also possible.

Elephant Trekking
The fascinating underwater World on Koh Chang
Up to three-hour trips can be organized with the elephants on the island. The tour includes a bath with the elephant and feeding. The hike leads along the rivers and mountainous jungle landscape where the elephants demonstrate their skills.

Snorkeling and diving
The best time to admire the underwater world around Koh Chang is from November to April. A particularly nice spot is located between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, where you can admire soft corals and colorful fish. Not far from the island in only 15 meters water depth you can watch a Thai warship, which was sunk by the French Navy. A sunken oil tanker lies between Koh Chang and Koh Samet, in about 35 meters depth.

Ban Bang Bao
Here in the fishing village a few seafood restaurants which offers fresh seafood and fish are located. This has over the years also developed a niche market which also sells souvenirs alongside everyday objects. From the lighthouse at the end of the village people can overlook the whole village. A beautiful trip in the extreme southwest of the island. 

Not far from the beaches several waterfalls can be found. Other waterfalls are a little more difficult to reach because they are remote and less visited. When visiting the National Park bathing opportunities exist in some natural pools which formed of these waterfalls.

Travel times and weather for Koh Chang 

Resort Koh Chang
As everywhere inThailand,  Koh Chang prevail also different seasons. The dry season that lasts from November to May and the rainy season from June to October. Most visitors come from December to March to Koh Chang, which is also the most pleasant time to visit the island. The temperatures in these months, usually below 30 degrees, it may even during this time by the winds in the evening and at night refrigerated under 20 degrees, so it should be thought of some warmer clothes. The rainiest months of the year are August and September with heavy rains. For those who seeking peace and solitude this months also will be appreciated. In addition, there are certainly plenty of sunny days during the monsoon.

People on Koh Chang

The majority of the nearly 5,000 islanders live from fishing, shrimp farms, coconut cultivation and the yield of rubber tree plantations for rubber production. Meanwhile, however, find more and more islanders jobs in the growing tourism industry. In addition, during the coming peak travel periods, many seasonal workers come to Koh Chang, mostly from nearby Cambodia to secure the workplace at any of the Hotels, Resorts or Bungalow providers.