Northern Thailand

Thailands highest point, the Doi Suthep with 2565m.
Northern Thailand is the home of most hilltribes in Thailand and a region which look like the picture from a  postcard. Amazing natural attractions like mountains, rivers with waterfalls, deep rainforest and a huge variety of plants and trees inviting the traveler to explore this fascinating landscape. Northern Thailand offers a lot of interesting Destinations to see and different kinds of Activities to do.

The most popular things to do in the north are Trekking Tours, Sightseeing, Rock Climbing, Wild Water Rafting, Elephant Safaris, Adventure Parks or Mountainbike / Quad Tours in the mountains. The people here in the north are very friendly and the original Thai Culture is practised here like also the ways of life which are different from the busier mainstream in Central Thailand or the South. A very special atmosphere travelers can enjoy at the famous Chiang Mai Night Market which is a real paradise for those who are interested in the goods of Northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, which form the infamous Golden Triangle. All kinds of art works like hand painted pictures, sculptures from wood and stone, silcscarfs, or leatherware be offered. In the North Travelers can find a broad spectrum of Accomodations. Dreamy Hotels, Resorts and Wellness Spa`s including incomparable service are available for low rates. During the nighttime it is a little bit colder than in Central or South Thailand, in the wintertime from November to January the temperatures can go down to about 20 degree C.