Phuket - The pearl of the Andaman Sea

With 540 square kilometers Phuket is Thailand's largest island, located about 900 kilometers south of Bangkok. Phukets widest point is 50 km and 22 km at the narrowest part. Of the approximately 220,000 residents living about 70,000 in the capital Phuket Town. Phuket is also known as the "Pearl of the Andaman Sea". The west side is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Thailand. The most popular beaches for tourists are  Patong, Kamala, Kata, Karon and Bang Tao.

Famous Beaches on the Island Phuket

The Beaches in Phuket
The Patong Beach is 4 kilometers long with the most popular and busiest beach of  Phuket with many large hotel complexes, shopping centers and a nightlife that is almost comparable to Pattaya. The beach is quite wide and of good quality. However, there is a certain uneasiness, because most are very many people on this beach. Many beach vendors are trying to bring their goods to the man. At no other place on the island life as cooks at Patong Beach. The village itself consists mainly of the Beach Road, along which runs along the beach and Second Street, a parallel street, which is a little further inland. In between there are several roads that might be the most famous Bangla Road. Many restaurants, shops and beer bars populate the main - and side streets. There are souvenir shops, international restaurants and shops of every kind. You can get anything here.

The Bangla Road near Patong Beach
The beach itself is a flat white sand beach invites to go swimming or for practise other water activities like jet skiing. Due to the high "traffic" in the water zones for swimmers by lane ropes and buoys have been removed. There are plenty of shady spots can be under the palm trees and umbrellas along with two beds for about 200 baht a day rented. The beach vendors are usually not far from water and offer beer to ice cream and grilled delicacies. If you have too much of the sellers, it often helps to ask for a moment to briefly dormant until they are passed. At night, the Bangla Road closed to cars and all the beer - and Gogo Bars open their doors to visitors. This is a colorful street scene, with loud music, artists and audiences from around the world.

Kata Beach at Phuket
One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is undoubtedly the Kata Beach with its turquoise waters and soft sand. Also here you go like to go for a swim or snorkel, because at the northern end of the beach there is a coral reef that invites you to admire the colorful fish. There are many accommodations, restaurants and bars. Diving schools are also available which are particularly pleased frequented by younger holidaymakers. The accommodations have adjusted their prices to the younger audience and thus is a place to sleep for the smaller budget to find. Opposite the beach is the small island of Koh Pu. The Kata Noi Beach has failed almost completely a large luxury hotel, but there are still some cheap bungalows. The beach itself is made of fine white coral sand and is very suitable for swimming. You can eat very well at one of the smaller restaurants.

The Karon Beach
The smaller brother of the Patong Beach,Karon Beach, with its reaches of nearly 3 kilometers of the length of the main beach. The beach is good but not as full as the Patong Beach. Here one has to rely on the sun screen rental companies, because there are almost no trees. Behind the beach are also larger Shopping Malls, restaurants and nightlife with the for Phuket typical bars and discos.

Bang Tao Beach

Another beautiful beach is the Bang Tao Beach with its almost 8 kilometers length and white powdered sugar sand. The beach is surrounded by gently sloping and Casuarin trees. Due to the constant breeze, this beach is also suitable for windsurfing and is therefore a popular destination for surfers, several surfing competitions take place here. There are a few luxury resorts in the middle of the beach, but also smaller accommodations.