The world famous Thai Cuisine

The most lovers of  the Thai cuisine made their first experience in restaurants outside of Thailand, or during a visit to Thailand. The cuisine of the country varies from region to region. The Thai cuisine, so delicious, healthy and varied in its piquant tastes, is a true gastronomic art. The creativity of the Thai kitchen and the Thai culture comes from the wide range of available ingredients. Thrive in this country, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices in abundance. 

Various kinds of seafood and fresh farm products can be used in countless recipes of Thai cuisine in a wonderful way. Thai food never tastes bland, because there are so many ingredients and different ways of preparation that you will always discover something new, have been matter how often you eat Thai. What you eat is just exciting. BangkokPattayaPhuket and other tourist centers offer a variety of restaurants in all price ranges. From small roadside food stalls which offer simple but good, tasty food to exclusive luxury restaurants is something for everyone there. 

Visually stunning at the decorations, the craftsmanship of the fruit and vegetable culture. Watermelons, mangoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, onions, chilies, ginger roots and numerous other fruits and vegetables, which look like shapes of flowers, leaves or abstract patterns after editing by a knife. Often, their preparation lasts as long as the preparation of the courts themselves. Numerous restaurants offer every culinary style, while the top hotels are proud of the high standards of their specialty restaurants offering excellent cuisine combined with impeccable service.


Various kinds of fresh Thai food
is an absolute priority and one of the favorite activities of the Thais. Through the seemingly endless supply of ingredients, the Thai cuisine is incredibly varied and tasty, and for the European palate often quite sharp. The Thai cuisine includes every kind of fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits and herbs. Mostly rice is served with any kind of dishes. Traditionally, you can eat with your right hand, the left hand is considered unclean and should not be used. For that the hand shapes a rice ball, with which one then the other dishes can taken. Especially in the larger cities spoon and fork mostly will served. Chopsticks, which one might expect, you get only very rarely, for example, to noodle dishes.

Food all day long

The Thais are almost always eating, always you can see someone enjoying tasty food. That may be because that you can eat every imaginable time of day. Some food stalls and restaurants open until late at night when others close and then have open until early morning. You never have to suffer hunger and always getting what you have just the appetite for. From fresh seafood, vegetables, meat and sausages to the famous noodle soup and curry dishes ... 24 hours, 365 days a year. In the larger cities and tourist areas, you must not miss out on McDonalds or Pizza Company ... Starbucks and several others are also represented.

Delicious small Snacks
Of drinks you have a huge selection as well as the food. Who likes to drinking a beer should try the Chang Beer, produced by a local brewery. Similarly, Singha and Leo Beer are a good choice. Of imported brands often you get Heineken or Federbräu, German restaurants also offer Erdinger or other known brands. Beer is similarly expensive as in Europe and thus accounts for almost half of the bill, if you go eat at the restaurant. What is highly recommended are the fresh fruit shakes. They come in various tastes with mango, banana, melon, mixed fruit or coconut flavor. In addition, all kinds of soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, etc. are available.

The spicy kind of Thai herbs
Water is very cheap and the food stalls or restaurants usually served it for free when you go to eating. Meanwhile, the ice manufacturers carefully checking the water quality and drinks with ice, such as fruit shakes can be consumed safely. What to look a little when eating salads that they were not washed with tap water. Although the water quality is generally better as before but tap water is not necessarily comparable with the European drinking water quality from taps. Best buy in the supermarket ... a big bottle of drinking water is cheap and you will be on the safe side.