Travel in Thailand - Getting around

Traveling around in Thailand is more comfortable, because as with anything in Thai everyday life certainly pays no undue haste. Our quick-quick mentality of the people rather strange, unnecessary and simply incomprehensible. Something must be calm, and it certainly is not important whether for 1 hour earlier or later arrives. Traveling by car can be seen on the highways around 120km / h and count on the major highways around 80km / h average than assuming it runs just as planned.

On country roads speeds of 40km / h more calculable and a break every two hours, a little something to eat and drink without time pressure increases the relaxation factor and extremely easy on the backside. Except for the Thai state railway, and occasionally at the airport, take it not as closely related to punctuality. At the high temperatures you are doing yourself a favor at the pace of population based. Impatient lose face which is associated with an even longer waiting times.

Domestic Flights

If you want to visit several destinations in Thailand, seek out the nearest airport. This is very easy, because it can be assumed to have reached within one hour an airport. The high airport density and the high Flight frequenzy makes it possible to change the location quickly. At certain seasons some of the flights are full, but usually within a period of 1-2 hours the next one goes. And otherwise you still have the possibility to fly business class, or to take a night bus

Check In / Tickets

Tickets can be ordered either through travel agents, or just call the central reservation of the airline ticket in Bangkok. Usually the hotel can do the same for you. After providing the credit card number, you get a reservation number and a password. With these two numbers you get the desired airport's ticket. Another option is to go on the Internet for Air Asia , Bangkok Airways and other airlines to book a flight. It is however very advisable to be in possession of a credit card.

Airport Shuttle

The advancement of the destination airport is regulated and cheap. At most airports there is a kind of ticket shop, where you pick up a ticket for bus or taxi. English is spoken here and the ticket is the goal of the trip written in Thai, to rule out any misunderstandings with the driver. The driver brings you directly to your Hotel or Resort.

Travel by Bus

In addition to the further journey by plane, there are everywhere in Thailand reached executed bus stations from where you can go everywhere. The bus is the cheapest means of transport. There are buses with and without air conditioning, even some without windows. For longer trips, for example from Bangkok to Samui or Phuket it is recommended that a ticket for a so-called VIP bus to order. These buses tend to remember the 1st class inside an aircraft and are very well equipped. A flight attendant is also on board and worry about the physical well-being.

You get drinks and snacks, blankets and pillows. This way of traveling is quite comfortable reclining seats and you can sleep wonderfully at night. Every few hours to keep these buses stop at places where you can take the fare included meals. The ride is very cheap (from Bangkok to Samui about 20 €) and you get relaxed at the destination. You can also choose the cheaper option, where you sit in some similar European coaches. In general, these buses often stop and one is a little longer on the road. Then there are the regular buses that travel from place to place, stopping almost every 200 meters. They usually have no aircon, but open windows are initially quite used to. Especially when one of them at noon as in Bangkok is on the way, the air is squeezed and masses of people in the bus. Sometimes it is then due to the high volume of traffic during peak commute hours on foot almost faster. But that is a matter of taste.

Travel by Minibus

The journey by minibus is usually somewhat more expensive than the regular buses, but also faster. Mini bus drivers are usually pretty quickly on the way in many of them a good racer is lost. You can charter a minibus at any reception or "tourist office", no matter where you want to go, they will find a way how to get from A to B. Here it should be noted that the Thais are really true masters in transportation and organize things. So to book his ticket paid on the spot and picked up at the agreed date at the hotel. Most of the mini buses are booked up well, but it still has enough space. In general, there is room for about 10-12 persons.

Car rental

All landlords to give your vehicles are insured, however, such insurance is not necessarily what we expect of them. The best moves you even if you're not the first time in the road transport left and with the driving skills of the country practices a bit familiar. Cities such as Bangkok are absolutely not recommended for novice drivers.

International Car rental

The big car rental companies are on site, but only in Bangkok or in the tourist areas. The prices are still quite bearable. Weekly rentals are worthwhile, especially for one who chooses the right car. Who needs a car outside of the tourist areas come to Bangkok to one of the major car rental companies to apply or to book the car. Conveniently, the small SUV, and especially the 2 - and 4-door pickups. The minibuses are located in the lower price segment. A car can be booked from Europe and delivered to the desired destination and later pick up at another. This saves the hassle of sifting through the mess of Bangkok. By a rental period of more than 5-7 days the car will be delivered to any place and picked up again, and it is not a problem, to get the car for example in Pattaya and give back in Phuket. 

Car rental at the Road

Also here you get to rent cars, but it is advisable to carry out immediately after departure a brake test, and pay attention to in upcoming night trips to the all the lights work. The best thing is before signing a contract to make a short test drive. When depositing the security deposit for the vehicle you should not deposit your original passport. A copy of the selfsame or your identity card is better. It is because if the passport is lost the most beautiful holiday can be over by running around to various authorities. Cars on the road vacation rentals are usually pretty cheap and have from about 12 € per day.


The most stressless variant in Thailand from A to B. Taxis are available just about anywhere in the larger cities and tourist areas. They are usually very colorful and easy to recognize them. If there are no taxis, there are Songthaews. The pickups are thought to carry their passengers back benches.